Kyokushin karate in Lund

Karate Syd IF is a nonprofit Kyokushin club in Lund. As a member, you and / or your parents are expected to assist and participate in our events when needed. We may have the lowest annual fee in Sweden but we offer the highest quality when it comes to Kyokushin training.
We guarantee that with our training methods you can get increased fitness, cardio capacity, physical and mental strength, stamina, balance, agility and coordination.
We try to keep a high level of training by being update on the latest research in training and sports medicine.
With regular training and taking classes as well as participation in different seminars and meetings within kyokushin, both in Sweden and abord, our coaches maintain high standards of knowledge and skills within Kyokushin karate.
Our head coach is  reg. physiotherapist and Certified Sports Physiotherapist (CSPT)  with master education in sports medicine from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. från Karolinska Institutet i Stockholm.

Org. nr. 802445-4343 Bankgiro 395-0441

The Board

Chairman Mehdi Nabahi,

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is responsible for training and technical development at Karate Syd.
Saiko-Shihan Nabahi is responsible for forming the committee and supervision of leaders in our club.

Headcoach and the chairman of Technical Committee Saiko-Shihan Mehdi Nabahi, 8th dan; The founder and president of International Karate Organization Kyokushinkai IKO-K