Karate Syd has founded by Saiko-Shihan Mehdi Nabahi 2009 in Lund Sweden. We have been teaching Kyokushin since then. Karate Syd´s headcoach Shihan Nabahi has 48 years of experience in Kyokushin karate and he is now The President of International Karate Organization Kyokushinkai.

Karate Syd´s seven Mottos

  1. We believe that all human beings are equal in dignity.
  2. We support diversity.
  3. We believe that Sweden is a wonderful country with wonderful people, regardless of origin or ethnic affiliation.
  4. We believe thet we must strive hard to preserve this unique cultural treasure by practicing a respectful and accepting attitude towards other members of society.
  5. We reject racism, gender discrimination, age discrimination or other forms of discrimination.
  6. In our everyday lives, we distance ourselves from hidden intentions rooted in ethnicity, faith, gender and other group affiliations, and treat all people in a dignified and fair manner.
  7. Training Kyokushin Karate is a great way to learn respect and humility while strengthening our self-esteem and mental stability.

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